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  • How do I order Artists Proofs?
    Go to my Signed Proofs shop, choose a card and select a format. The price quoted is the price for that format and includes a standard signature by myself in the text box. Select how many you want to order and Add To Cart. If the card is a Wizards Signature Art Card the signature is pre-printed on the front. I can still sign the back if you like; let me know after you've placed your order.
  • How do I order Shadow Signatures?
    Go to the Shadow Signature item in my Additions shop and select however many you require. Update the Custom Text box(es) with a list of the proofs you want shadow-signed, then add the Shadow Signature item to your cart. If Shadow Signatures are 'out of stock' then they are currently unavailable.
  • How do I order a Sketch on my Proof?
    In my Additions shop, find the Sketch item. If it says 'out of stock' that means I'm not currently accepting Sketch requests. Otherwise, select the Sketch item and write in the Custom Text field which card you want sketched, and any preferences as to subject matter. Add the Sketch item to your cart and check out (remember to order a proof to go with it!)
  • Are the store pictures representative of all variants?
    Cards come in many variants, and are often reprinted across sets. The images on the site may not represent the specific set, or the variant specified in the drop-down box. They are illustrative of the art only, not the release. If you need clarification on a card please email before ordering.
  • What are Limited Editions?
    I occasionally offer proofs with bespoke digital artworks printed on the back. These are numbered and usually come in sets of between one and seven. The artwork on the cards is created by me exlusively for the cards on which it appears. Once the last card in the set has been printed, the digital art will not be used on any other media or product.
  • Can you get more of a Proof that's sold out?
    On occasion I receive an extra batch of a specific card some months or even years down the line. The odd card can also come back into stock as a result of revised orders, or when I find one down the back of the sofa. If an item is out of stock you can sign up to receive notifications if the situation changes.
  • Do you offer pre-orders?
    It's difficult to offer pre-orders because I don't know how many proofs I'll be receiving. All is not lost, though. When an item is on pre-order, you can sign up to be notified when stock arrives.
  • Will you sign my playables?
    I will indeed. Drop me an email and I'll send you my address. Once I receive your cards I'll bill you for the sigs and mail them back to you ASAP, normally within 7 days. Prices are £2 per standard sig, £5 per shadow sig. If you want specific colours let me know and I'll try and accommodate, otherwise I'll choose. Please note that I will need to know an approximate market value for your cards so I can select the correctly insured return postage.
  • Will you alter my playables?
    Sorry, but I don't do alters on playables.
  • Why was I notified that a product is now available yet...
    ...when I go look, it's saying Out of Stock? What's happened here is that someone else also signed up to be notified and got there ahead of you :(
  • What happens if my order hasn't gone through?
    Panic! Actually, drop me an email and I'll sort it out.
  • Is there a minimum order value?
    Yep, £25. Bear in mind, if your order is over £50 (UK) or £70 (international), shipping is FREE.
  • What are your shipping charges?
    Click on the Shipping link beneath any in-stock product to see the shipping charges.
  • Where do you ship to?
    Everywhere. UK is domestic postage, the rest of the world is a single overseas rate.
  • How long do orders take?
    If you've ordered signed Proofs or Limited Editions I'll normally get those out to you within a week. Large orders will take a bit longer. Sketches, if available, will take up to a month.
  • Will I have to pay customs charges?
    It's rare, but it sometimes happens. If you think it might be an issue in your country please check your customs fees before ordering and make sure you're happy to pay them if the need arises. Please note that if you're sending playables to me to be signed it's possible (though again very unlikely) that UK customs might charge a fee, dependant on the value and listed contents. In this case I'll need to add that fee onto your bill.
  • Would you do a commission or request for me?
    That's not beyond the realms of possibility. Drop me an email saying what you're after, and your budget if you know it, and I'll get back to you. Please note that this does not cover sketches on the back of proofs. If sketches are available then you'll be able to order them through the site. If they're 'out of stock' that means I'm not currently accepting sketch requests.
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