Select the number of Shadow Sigs you require in the Quantity box, then update the Custom Text fields with the list of Proofs you want shadow signed, and the numbers of each. If you run out of room in the text fields, feel free to email.


E.g.  If you purchased six shadow sigs, you might instruct as follows:

Gnarled Professor foils x 3, Koma's Coil Token, Hagra Constrictor reg x 2


As of April 2022 all sigs will be done with Acrylic Paint Pens. The surfaces of some cards, especially the newer ones, are resistant to Sharpies, hence the change. Most of the standard colours are available, and if you have a preference I'll try and match it as closely as I can.

Add Shadow Sigs

  • If you haven't already, you might want to check out the FAQ before you place your  order. It covers stuff like what media I use to sign the cards, and how to add shadow signatures to your order.