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Apparently Royal Mail have got to grips with their cyber problem and export shipping, including tracked items, has resumed. Transit times may be longer than usual but other than that I'm told it's service as usual.

Royal Mail, our only option for small package shipping, is still not accepting items for export due to a 'cyber incident'. You can go ahead and order but bear in mind there could be a delay of unspecified duration before I can dispatch your cards.

Please note this only applies to orders of less than £300. For orders above this I'll absorb the cost of a package courier.

At the time of writing, Royal Mail - our only mailing option for small letters and parcels - is not accepting items for export. Therefore any non-UK orders as of today will be placed on hold and subject to a delay. How long that delay will be nobody knows, but I'm hoping only a few days. They say it's a result of a 'cyber incident', which sounds like something out of Dr Who, so make of that what you will. I'll update again once it's fixed, or if the Royal Mail fall foul of any other breed of alien. Royal Mail 'International Incident' page

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