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There's a bug on my gallery pages and blog when viewing on a desktop, in that it will only partially load the content if the first 25 images (or first three blog posts) do not fill the window. The solution to this is resize the window down so that the content fills the space, then the rest of the page will be loaded. I reported this to Wix some time ago but so far nothing's changed.

Updated: Feb 9, 2022

MtG Artist Proof delays are ongoing. I think this is a function of the vendors as opposed to WotC, so I can't give any indication of when they might arrive. BTW, at the time of writing all Limited Editions have sold out and since I'm waiting for the newest proofs prior to creating a new batch, I don't know when I'll have more available. Hopefully soon.

Quick heads up: as of now there's a £20 minimum order value.

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